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Places to Play in Santa Fe:
    • St. John's College
    • Chavez Center
    • Fort Marcy
    • Rockin Rollers
Places to Play in New Mexico:
    • Albuquerque
    • Farmington
    • Los Alamos
    • Las Cruces
    • Santa Fe
    • Silver City
    • Taos

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St. John's College Table Tennis


Play time is Saturday 2-5pm in the gymnasium. Six tables, full barriers, ball caddies, quality set up.

New System of Play at St. John's College

We've been using a new system to allocate tables and select play partners and so far we like it. I wanted to share it with you so you are at least a bit familiar with it.

In a nutshell, we use a white board and players add their names to the bottom of the list when they arrive. The player at the top of the list gets the next available table and he selects a playing partner from the names on the board. Both players erase their names on their way to the open table where they warm up and play one match (best of 5) or hit around for up to 20 minutes.

After the match or hitting around, both players leave the table, return to the bleacher area and add their names to the bottom of the list, and the cycle repeats.

So far we have found the method equitably allocates the limited resource (available tables) and includes everyone fairly.

A few notes on the system:

* When you are the top name and you ask a player to play with you, he does not have to accept. He can choose to rest or wait for a more suitable partner. This is not encouraged but it is allowed.

* When you are the top name and a table becomes available, you do not have to take it. You can pass and let the name below yours have the table.

* Please avoid playing 2 or more consecutive matches with the same person (or teams, if doubles).

* We have one table set up with a catch net and full barriers for coaching/drilling. This table, along with the one in the hallway, are not included in this system. Use of the coaching table is not restricted but should not exceed 30 minutes unless no other player is waiting to be coached or otherwise wanting to use that table -- for example, for practicing serves.

* The new system is in effect for the first two hours, i.e. from 2-4pm. At 4pm players are free to make their own matches, play doubles, etc without using the white board.


St. John's College, 1160 Camino Cruz Blanca, Santa Fe, NM 87505. in the gymnasium.

When you enter the campus take the immediate right after the speed hump into the gymnasium parking lot.

Release Form:

Before playing at St. John's College, please complete and turn in the release form to the front desk on your first day:

Release Form


Santa Fe Table Tennis