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Places to Play in Santa Fe:
    • St. John's College
    • Chavez Center
    • Fort Marcy
    • Rockin Rollers
Places to Play in New Mexico:
    • Albuquerque
    • Farmington
    • Los Alamos
    • Las Cruces
    • Santa Fe
    • Silver City
    • Taos

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Club Library

Here's the club library. To borrow a title from the library contact librarian Hiroshi Hoida,

See the library rules below.

Dr Neubauer - Table Tennis Technique VideoDr Neubauer
Competition Table Tennis TrainingBrian PaceTechniques, Tactics, Strategies
Pro Table Tennis ServesSome of the Best Players in the WorldNo instructions, just video with super slow motion
Table Tennis, The SportScott Preiss
Complete Table Tennis, disk 1Seemiller/Nordby
Complete Table Tennis, disk 2Seemiller/Nordby
Success in Table TennisKillerspin
Advanced Table TennisLillieroos, Owens
A Table Tennis VirtuosoJan-Ove Waldner
Basic Lesson 1Joey Cochran instructing KaliLabel is "Lesson at St Johns", 8/5/2011
Basic Lesson 2Joey Cochran instructing KaliLabel is "Basic Lesson", 8/6/2011
Chinese TT 1unknownin chinese
Chinese TT 2unknownin chinese
Chinese TT 3: FH Hitunknownin chinese
Chinese TT 4: FH Loop, Blockunknownin chinese
Chinese TT 5: FH Chop-TS, BH Chop-TS, Underspin Serve, FH Flickunknownin chinese
Chinese TT 6: FH Push, Dropshot, Side TS Serve, FH Loop against Underspinunknownin chinese
Chinese TT 7: BH Side Serve, Summary, Falkenberg, FH Underspin-Push-TS Attack (3 ball)unknownin chinese
Chinese TT 8: 2d Push, Side toSide Footwork, FH Attack from BH, FH TS from FH Corner, d Ball Attack, FH Block, BH Block, FH Topspin, Side Switch, Change of Spin from Chop to TS, FH & BH, Short Loose Ball after BH Chopunknownin chinese
Chinese Table TennisBeijing Sports Universitymay not work in regular DVD player
Technique with Vladimir SamsonovProf. Radivoj HudetzIn depth
Table Tennis Tales & TechniquesLarry HodgesMany excellent tips
Table Tennis Tactics for ThinkersLarry HodgesExcellent. Very detailed
The Inner Game of TennisTim GallweySports psychology - based on tennis but all the principles directly apply to table tennis
Winning Table Tennis/Skills, Drills, and StrategiesDan Seemiller / Mark Holowchak
Sizzling Chops & Devilish Spins, Ping-Pong and the Art of Staying AliveCharyn

SFTTC Library Rules/Conditions

~ Hiroshi Hoida, Librarian


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